What Social Tango Dancing Looks Like


What is our approach to teaching?

We always teach you the basics that you need to know for that module and since progressing in dance is based on repetition you will soon see how quickly you progress no matter when in the cycle you started.

We cover how to do a dance step and how to lead and follow in every class as these are two factors that need to be mastered.

Patterns can come and go but the language of dancing (leading/following) and look of dancing (how to do the steps) are key to getting the most fun out of dance. You will soon notice you will create your own repertoire as you keep attending classes; of course we help you all along the journey and give you set patterns to make the learning easier as well.


Tango Newbie

Each class has a number of modules that are rotated. Each module is stand alone and there is no need to attend the previous or next class. In MFTM we have 9 modules, they vary in the moves but are all LEVEL 1 meaning that anyone with no experience and 2 left feet can start on any week and complete the module. Here are the names of the modules for you to have an idea. The best approach to dancing is for you to start when you can and keep coming and rotating through the modules. Some students want to do them all before moving on, we require that you complete at least 6 of the modules to be able to move on to our Level 2. Some students like to go through all the modules twice to have a solid repertoire and be well versed in the basics before adding more complex patterns.

  • Hamaca
  • 3 salidas
  • The Cross
  • Calesita
  • Back Ocho
  • Box 6 step
  • The Cross both directions
  • Basic 8 step
  • Fwd Ocho

Tango Rookie

In our Argentine Tango Fundamentals classes you will learn all the basic fundamentals of Argentine Tango, from steps to posture, to the feeling of the dance! All you need to know to navigate the dance floor and introductory patterns to start you in the world of improvising tango steps. Learn how to have a dancing conversation with your partner with basic elements of connection, ochos and barridas. We will be doing fun exercises to understand the language of tango and how to achieve the elegant look of tango. This class focuses on Tango Salon which is the traditional tango style you see danced at tango nights around the city and the world.

Aspiring Tangueros

This class helps you link the moves you know into "leadable" combinations. This class combines 3 to 4 figures, allows you to see different ways to get into a figure and out of a figure. This class will help you choreograph and combine all the elements of tango that you learn in our easier levels and have you ready for the tango Milonga. All this, in a fun social environment. Prerequisite: Competence with the Tango FUN Class content or equivalent.

Skilled Tangueros

In our Argentine Tango Challenge class you will be challenged with advanced Tango techniques. This class has tango fundamentals or equivalent as a requirement. We will work on complex techniques and more lengthy ideas. We will ask you to explore and discover movements on your own as well. We well delve into using different beats in the tango music such as Vals and Milonga.The Patterns class will require a level of understanding on your axis and your partner's to be able to accomplish the movements shown, such as boleos, ganchos, volcadas, etc.